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About Me

I started my career as a software developer who was extremely passionate about the craft, but was pretty disgruntled by everything around it.

My desire to learn new ways to think and operate defined my 20-year career. This led to several years of heading an Agile transformation practice at a big consulting firm. Realizing that I could better serve people if I did it on my own terms was a game changer for me.

So, five years ago, I formed my own Agile Consulting firm with a small group of bright enthusiasts, and we've been growing our team and working together ever since.

This space is a way for me to try and make agility more accessible through my Agility Simplified Blog.

I've written two books; the latest, "Organizing Toward Agility " and look forward to sharing it with you. 

Jeff Anderson
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Embark on The Agile Journey

Jeff Anderson Leadership

Agility Simplified

My attempt at demystifying agile and debunking some common myths to help start your journey on the right footing

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Organzing Toward Agility

Organizing Toward Agility

My new book aimed at helping you set up and operate new organizing structures and operating models that enable you to deliver value in the face of uncertainty.

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Jeff Anderson Training

Agility at Scale

Articles from myself and fellow colleagues from Agile By Design on all things agility. Topics range from core agile concepts, ideas on how to scale, commentary on progressive organizations, and how to facilitate open change.

Agility at Scale

designing for business agility at scale

Agile By Design 

At Agile by Design, our team has two decades of experience helping our clients recast your enterprise organization around high performing
teams that continuously learn through  frequent market feedback.

Our people apply our passion for agile with the pragmatism of professional consulting.

Agile By Design Team
how we do it

By Arming Teams, Ecosystems & Enterprises to Thrive

We help you define a change plan that is tailored to meet your business outcomes. We pair with you to put in place new principles, new operating models, and new support structures that help you lead your organization away from bureaucracy and fixed thinking and move towards greater autonomy, learning, and a growth mindset.

We offer offer a range of advisory and consultancy services geared toward helping increase organizational business agility, such as:

  • Transformational vision and iterative change management

  • Designing and setting up new operation models for team oriented organizations

  • Leadership agility pairing and coaching

  • Immersive Boot camps and coaching of Lean and Agile practices at the team and portfolio level

  • Executive workshop facilitation on topics ranging across OKRs, gathering customer insight, iterative road mapping, business modelling, etc.

what we focus on

The Team

We help teams better engage with their enterprise, and to increase their purpose, autonomy and mastery.

The Ecosystem

Effective teams require support and enablement so that they can focus on their core value creation activities.

The Enterprise

We help you shape new principles, and help you make them real through facilitating the design of a new organization.

My Recently Published book

Organizing Toward

I wrote this book because I saw a gap in the existing literature. Stories help us learn and this book is a selection of the most impactful things I have learnt in the 15+ years that I have worked to help clients in organizing toward agility.

Organizing Toward Agility

Praise for The Book

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Let's collaborate, I enjoy advising and strategizing about technology, leadership, agility and change management.
Get in touch if you'd like to chat about my book, an upcoming project or connect with my company, Agile By Design. 
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